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From Aaron
Greetings, U Hill!

This is an exciting week for our congregation. I'm very much looking forward to the Covenanting Service this week. As someone whose vocation is to pastoral ministry, this is a really important Aaron Miller photomoment for me. I love the idea of covenanting together, to commit to the work and ministry of Jesus in our time and place. I'm thrilled and honored to get to do the particular work that I'm called to among you.

Ordained ministry isn't by any stretch the only job in the Church, or the most important, but it's what I'm called to and I'm glad that that call has lead me here.

We're also celebrating a baptism on Sunday morning. We will be baptizing Jackson Perry, son of Melanie and Adam Perry. This, of course, will be a reminder of God's covenant of grace with us, through Christ. Whenever we baptize as a church, we are called to remember our own baptism--to remember promises made, and the new identity we have in Jesus, as women and men who are new creations, reconciled to God, by God's grace, and for the sake and love of the world. Through our baptism, we share in the life, death, resurrection and reign of Jesus; we enter into this peculiar way of moving through the world, called to him, following him, shaped in his will and way.

I'm looking very much forward to these celebrations together. In the midst of a somewhat tumultuous time for our denomination, and often a time of uncertainty for the Church in general, these simple but profound acts remind us that indeed we are not alone, and that our hope is not in our institutions or our best efforts, but in the God who is able, through the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, to do abundantly far more, in us and through us than we could ever ask or imagine! Thanks be to God! In Christ, Aaron

In Christ,


Rev. Aaron Miller

Our new minister

Photo of Aaron Miller and family

Here's the Miller family, now established in Vancouver.


Christian Seasons Calendar
Next year's calendar is in production. It features art from several well-known Christian artists, and will be available around the end of September. Please see the calendar website for details.

Salt of the Earth: A Christian Seasons Calendar holds an unusual depiction of the seasons. We keep time from Advent to Christmas to Epiphany to LentChristian Seasons Calendar cover image to Easter to the end of the Christian year.

The art is contributed by artists from Christians in the Visial Arts. This year they are from the United States and Great Britain. The CIVA artists have supported this ministry for many years, and we thank them for this new contribution.

The calendar is for sale at $15.95, with discounts for orders of 10 or more. The calendar makes a nice gift at Advent or Christmas. Please join us in celebration of this wonderful gift of God's presence among us!

Campus Ministry

United Church Campus Ministry at UBC
This ministry is a partnership between the congregation and BC Conference of the United Church of Canada. Karen Hollis photoOur campus minister is Karen Hollis. Learn more at the Food and Faith Community, the United Church campus club, which meets over dinner every Monday at 5:30 pm for food and conversation about living the Christian faith.

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The Chapel of the Epiphany is located at 6030 Chancellor Boulevard on the campus of the Vancouver School of Theology at the University of British Columbia. Here are directions to the chapel.

Our offices are at Vancouver School of Theology, 6015 Walter Gage Road, UBC, in room 321 of the new building.

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Aaron Miller
is at 604-822-9374; Karen Hollis is at 604-827-4301 and Marjorie Morrison Ross, our church secretary, is at 604-822-0638.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of University Hill Congregation was held after worship on Sunday, May 15. Please have a look at our annual report.

If you would like a printed copy, please email the church office.

Please note that this report and meeting is concerned with the spiritual life of the congregation; our financial affairs are reviewed in October each year.

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* Sunday, August 28 - Rev. Aaron Miller preaching.

Report of the Stewards and Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2015 are now available.

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We welcome inquiries about baptisms, marriages and funerals . . . more.

Art for the banners on these pages is from the artists of the Christian Seasons Calendar for 2016-2017.

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Lori Anderson, Robyn Sand Anderson, Lalo Garcia, Linda Henke, Janet McKenzie, Fiona Moes Pel, Elaine Roemen, Cornelia Schmitter.
Banner art is taken from the Christian Seasons Calendar. Thanks to our artists for 2016-2017